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Travelling with Safety Equipment

Posted by Jeff Dusting on 10th Sep 2014

Can I Carry My EPIRB Or PLB on the Plane?

The official line (from Table 2.3.A of the IATA regs) is that "Portable electronic devices (including medical devices) containing Lithium metal of Lithium ion cells or batteries, such as watches, calculating machines, cameras, cellular phones, computers, camcorders, etc., when carried by passengers or crew for personal use." can be placed in carry on bags, checked in bags and permitted on one's person. This means that items like the PLB and EPIRBs can be carried on board planes. Spare batteries by themselves are only allowed in carry on baggage or on one's person.

The complication of course arises from individual airline rules that might modify this clause. Our recommendation is always to check on the airlines website, but not to ask directly! If the person you are talking too is not sure they are most likely to say no!

If you want to read the IATA guide on travelling and shipping Lithium Batteries and Cells, take a look here.  Note that all PLBs we sell have less than 2g of Lithium Metal and are therefore permitted to be carried, and should be carried in carry-on baggage (

What about my PFD?

In January 2013, IATA amended the rules that allow the carriage and shipping of packed CO2 cylinders - the rules allow us to ship you your PFD and correctly packed re-arming kit.   They also allow you to carry your PFD on your flight, as either as carry-on baggage, checked (hold) baggage or in person only with prior approval of the airline. 

This is according to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations; 50th edition, published 1st January 2009, Section (see below.)