1st Mar 2016

KTI SA2G PLB Test and Test Troubleshooting

It is recommended that you regularly test your PLB to ensure that it will work if you really need it (no more than once per month though as it does consume battery power transmitting a test signal to the satellites).   The KTI SA2G completes a comprehensive test, with instructions included with your unit (and an extract provided here if you have lost yours). 

Your test should include a visual inspection of the PLB for signs of physical damage and verify the red switch cover is in place over activate button. and the  “Replace LiFeS2 Battery” date. Should the switch cover be removed, the battery time expired or the beacon fail subsequent test contact us to arrange repair / service. 

To prevent inadvertent activation under NO circumstances remove RED switch cover during TEST. (Non-emergency operation carries severe penalty.) 

Beacon Test

1. Release antenna from PLB by sliding forward from slot and set antenna to vertical position

2. Press Blue button (approx. 1 second) until Red light illuminates then release button and red light will extinguish. After (approx. 1 second) white strobe light will flash then Green light will illuminate indicating test pass. 

3. Carefully place antenna around PLB and slide end-lock back into top section slot.

Optional Beacon GPS Test

The optional test will consume battery power and to ensure maximum battery life the GPS test should not be conducted more than two times per year. If tested repeatedly over time the GPS test function will be locked out.

The RED cover prevents the PLB from being accidentally activated. It is in the owner’s interest to ensure that this cover remains in place to remove any doubt as to whether the beacon has been operated causing reduction of battery life. Before testing ensure beacon is positioned outdoors in an open area with a clear unobstructed view of the sky and avoid testing during poor weather conditions (heavy rain) and note that testing may be terminated at any time by pressing Blue test button until the red light stops flashing.

Optional GPS test (Warning do not remove RED switch cover)

1. Press and hold the Blue test button (approx. 4 seconds) until Red light flashes rapidly then release button. Red light will now flash every two seconds during test (up to 1 minute) then strobe light will flash and Green light will illuminate indicating test pass.


We are finding that occasionally some customers are pressing the TEST button for longer than they realise when trying to conduct a Self Test. To initiate a Self Test, press the TEST button for only 1 second (until the red LED illuminates) then release.

We are also finding that some customers have been trying to test their beacon whilst the antenna remains wrapped around the beacon. It is important to understand that the Self-Test function performs many diagnostic tests including the radio signal amplifiers and the transfer of radio signals to the antenna. If the antenna is wrapped around the beacon or if the antenna is close to large metal objects then the transfer of radio signals to the antenna will be compromised and the beacon is likely to fail Self-Test

When conducting a Self-Test ensure that the antenna is upright and more than 1 metre away from large metal objects. Ensure also that your hand and other body parts are not touching or close to the antenna.

If you are correctly initiating a Self test and the beacon continues to fail when the antenna is correctly positioned then the product may have developed a fault and should be returned and we will arrange for inspection and repair or replacement of the product as quickly as practical.