Survive at Sea Range

The “Survive at Sea” range after Adventure Safety founder, Jeff Dusting's survival after 2.5 hours in Bass Strait.

Jeff Dusting, Founder of says, ” Many skippers and crew consider their safety equipment passive insurance against disaster,  however they don’t ever expect to have to actually use it!”

The “Survive at Sea range” is a selection of the critical items you actually want to have with you when your life is at risk: the most effective Epirb, the best flotation and weather protection, the most useful tools.  Since the sinking we have partnered with leading brands including Harken, Spinlock, ACR and Sharkskin to identify the leading edge solutions to survival at sea.

The simple fact is that your equipment and clothing can be the difference between life and death. The “survive at sea” range puts the odds in your favour, and that’s a big psychological boost when you are confronting the worst.”