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Split Rings and Retaining Clips

  • Ronstan Plastic Flag/Sister Clips (PNP16 to PNP16B)

    Ronstan Plastic Flag/Sister Clips

    Effective means of quickly attaching and detaching ropes Material: U.V. stablised Nylon Part Number Description Weight g PNP16 Flag/Sister Clip White, 13mm (1/2") Eye Clearance 5 PNP16A Flag/Sister Clip. 8mm (5/16") Eye...

    $0.96 - $1.55
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  • Ronstan Plastic Sail Slides/ Sail Slugs (PNP17T, PNP18T, PNP29T) Ronstan Plastic Sail Slides/ Sail Slugs (PNP27T, PNP28T)

    Ronstan Plastic Sail Slides/ Sail Slugs

    Moulded in a special PTFE and silicon impregnated material for reduced friction. Suitable for Keelboat, Dinghy and Trailerable yacht mainsails Material: Impact resistant, U.V. stabilised Nylon Part Number Description Measurements Weight...

    $1.06 - $3.32
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