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  • Part Numbers RF613S, RF633-636 Part Numbers RF637, RF638

    Ronstan Bow Shackles

      BOW SHACKLES Product No. Description A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PL/BL (kg) UDL/BL (kg) Shackle Pin Weight (g) RF613S Bow Shackle Slotted Pin 3 12 9 6.4 280 550   3 RF633 Bow Shackle, Pin...

    $5.61 - $30.42
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  • Part Numbers RF6031/RF6032/RF6033 
*Indicative product image. Actual product may differ slightly from that shown.

    Ronstan Exit Plates, Stainless Steel

    Exit Plates, Stainless Steel Product No. Description Max Rope Ø(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Weight (g) RF6031 Small Exit Plate 10 21.0 159.0 45 RF6032 Medium Exit Plate 12 26.0 203.0 70 RF6033 Large Exit...

    $34.77 - $43.42
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  • Part Numbers RF1032, RF1033, RF1034

    Ronstan Halyard Shackles

    HALYARD SHACKLES Product No. Description A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PL/BL (kg) UDL/BL (kg) Weight (g) RF1032 Halyard Shackle, Pin 3/16” 4.8 22 10.5 15 900 1200 30 RF1033 Halyard Shackle, Pin 1/4” 6...

    $18.23 - $26.82
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  • SALE
    Ronstan Sail Shackle (PNP63) Ronstan Sail Shackles (PNP63/PNP106)

    Ronstan Sail Shackles

    Sail Shackles Suitable for Keelboat, Dinghy and Trailerable yacht mainsails and jibs Material: Impact resistant, U.V. stablised Nylon PNP63, PNP81A, PNP81B:  Suits PNP18T, PNP27T & PNP29T. Screws included. Part...

    $1.05 - $2.22
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  • Part Number RF1320R

    Ronstan Shackle Key Red

    Ronstan Shackle Key Red FEATURES Suits coined head shackle pins Multipurpose tool Multi-purpose tool, suits coined head shackle pins, features sockets for 1/16" and 1/4" plain and nylock nuts, screwdriver, ideal for tightening small drain plugs,...

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