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Mast Hardware

  • Part Number RF191

    Ronstan Halyard Lock

    SPECIFICATIONS Weight:  5 g   PRODUCT INFORMATION Locks halyards off on a talurit / nico press swage  APPLICATIONS Used for terminating wire rigging  MATERIALS Grade 316 stainless steel

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  • Part Numbers RF146, RF604
*Indicative product image. Actual product may differ slightly from that shown.

    Ronstan Mast Hound

    Mast Hound Product No. Description Weight (g) RF146 Suits 76mm-115mm (3”- 4 1/2”) 110 RF604 Suits 51mm-64mm (2”- 2 1/2”) 30 APPLICATIONS Used for terminating wire...

    $25.42 - $39.52
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  • Part Number RF347 Part Number RF348

    Ronstan Mast Tangs

    Mast Tangs Product No. Description Weight (g) RF347 Double Tang 1/4” Pin Diameter 20 RF348 Double Tang Stainless Steel 316 5/16” Pin Diameter 40 RF1189 Small Angled Mast Tang 10 RF43A Double Mast...

    $12.20 - $27.31
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