Comet MOB Light Smoke Signal

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15 minute orange smoke Man Overboard day time lifebuoy marker. Identical to Light Smoke Signal - but without the lighting system. This version is required for USA and Japanese flag vessels who require 15 hour lifebuoy lights. One is required to be mounted on each bridge wing in its steel bracket. It can be positioned up to 60m above sea level (SOLAS only requires 30m). Automatically deployed on release of the attached lifebuoy. Can also be manually deployed.

  • Designed for cruise liners and commercial ships
  • An electric light combined with an orange smoke signalling device
  • Attaches to the lifebuoys located on both bridge wings
  • Smoke duration: 15 minutes
  • Light duratiuon: 2 hours at 2 candela
  • Meets SOLAS 74/88 regulations
Length 453 mm (17.8 inches)
Diameter 275 mm (10.8 inches)
Weight 4.7 Kg
Net Explosive Content 1.722 g
Temp Op Min -1 °C
Temp Op Max 30 C (86.0 °F)
Temp Store Min -30 °C
Temp Store Max 75 C (167.0 °F)
Flare Color Orange
Flare Burn Time Minimum 15 min

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