Spinlock Safety Tethers / Safety Lines

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Spinlock Deckware Light Weight Tethers / Safety Lines

Available Models:

  • 2-Hook Tether (2 hooks, 2M fixed line)
  • 2-Hook Elastic Tether (2 hooks, 2M elasticised)
  • 3-Hook Elastic Tether (1M fixed, 2M elasticised) 

Spinlock has designed these compact safety lines for performance sailing, making them as light as possible so you can move safely about the boat with ease.

  • Yachting Australia 

    The Spinlock range of Safety Lines / Tethers satisfies Yachting Australia Special
    Regulations Part 1 Section 5.02, and are ISO12401 approved (accepted equivalent to
    AS2227) and are available with a snap hook at each end. DW-STR/03 also satisfies YA rule 5.02.0 30% rule when purchased in the correct quantity.

  • Fabric: 5/8" (16mm) line; dry-coated to prevent water absorption. 
  • Closures: Spinlock unique FEA-lightened clip that has an easy clip-in/clip-out action for quick movement.
  • Other: Overload indicator (standard on all tethers) clearly indicating that a load of over 1,100lbs (500kg) has been applied to the tether; when the overload indicator is tripped, the tether should be replaced immediately.

Features and Benefit

  • New ultra compact line version
  • Unique FEA-lightened clips;easy action, full strength
  • Full strength compact 16mm line 28% lighter than the 25mm standard
  • Dry-Coated to prevent water absorption and reduce weight gain
  • Overload indicator displays when the load has exceeded 500kgs to show the line needs replacing
  • Supplied with mesh storage bag


  • Weight: DW-STR/02 0.38kg,   DW-STR/02E 0.39kg,  DW-STR/03 0.55kg
  • CE Approved
  • EN1095 Approved
  • ISO12401 Approved


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