Spinlock S Cutter Safety Line Cutter DW-CTR

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Emergency Escape Accessory - S Cutter

The tool to tuck into your lifejacket to escape from your tether ... included in new Spinlock deckvests ... check out the video to see how easily used they are.

Features and Benefit

Emergency Safety Line Cutter

S-Cutter solves the problem of safety line clips becoming unreleasable, under load, in an emergency

With a guarded razor edge and stowed either in the special pocket on the Deckvest or in a simple pouch worn on the lifejacket harness, the Spinlock ‘S-Cutter’ is made for severing
safety lines under load

By providing a reliable ‘means of disconnection’, anyone wearing the Cutter satisfies ISAF and ORC recommendations, whatever type of safety line and whatever the type of clip used


Weight 0.048kg (weight includes pouch)

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