SPECIAL OFFER Spinlock Deckvest 5D 170N Pro Sensor PFD + Ocean Signal MOB1 AIS-DSC + RescueMe PLB + Tether

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Now includes the Spinlock Lume On Light, for more info see here!

The Ultimate Safety Package (PFD+MOB+PLB+Tether)
Spinlock Deckvest 5D 170N ProSensor + RescueMe PLB + Ocean Signal MOB1 (AIS / DSC)+ Tether

Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Spinlock Deckvest ProSensor

  • 1 x Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB
    The worlds smallest PLB, with a 7 year battery life and ready to mount on your Spinclock Deckvest Bladder so it is there when you need it, and mounted to be clear of the water and operating hands free

  • 1 x MOB1
    The newest personal alert system, automatically activates and reports your GPS position to AIS and VHF DSC systems - and 30% smaller than the old Kannad R10
    Includes certified installation for automatic activation when the PFD inflates

  • Choose  1 x Tether
Find out more about the Spinlock Deckvest, Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB , Ocean Signal MOB1Spinlock Standard Tethers, and Spinlock Performance Tethers at each of the individual product pages. 

*Offer is subject to stock availability  

Spinlock’s latest award winning performance lifejacket harness with the Pro Sensor Automatic Inflation System.

Take a look at some of the videos to see how comfortable, easily adjusted, re-armed, and importantly - resistant to manual inflation these vests are ... you'll never want to take it off! 

The Spinlock Deckvest is a high performance auto inflating life jacket and harness designed with comfort and safety in mind - you'll want to wear it!  The deckvest has a compact, moulded cut-away shape and a new proprietary shoulder fit system to flex and locate for the ultimate in comfort for men and women.  

The deckvest includes a built in harness, with a soft, high tensile fibre connector loop for your tether, and the high intensity Pylon Light for all-round visibility - a light on an antenna holding the strobe above your head. 

The deckvest is approved to the ISO 12402-3 (Life Jacket) and ISO 12401 (Deck Safety Harness) International Standards and comes with a 5 Year Warranty from date of first registration.

If you are on a very wet boat, then you'll want to consider the Hammar activation head in your deckvest (Spinlock Deckvest VITO Hammar).    


  • High Level 360 degree visability 'Pylon' life jacket light
  • New mesh pocket for VHF Radio / PLB
  • Emergency safety line cutter and stowage pocket 
  • High visibility sprayhood to protect from spray inhalation
  • Dual Crotch and thigh straps included
  • New non-snag back length adjuster
  • New low profile collar shape
  • Secure, easily adjusted double-buckle belt
  • With Through Life Support (TLS): online owner support during the working life of your Deckvest.
  • Deckvest Owner Warranty extended to 5 years on registration 
  • Available colours: Black, Blue (*please note, the BLUE option is a special order with a 2-4 week lead time)

The ProSensor System Explained 

Deckvest 5D 170 Pro Sensor Firing System is activated by contact with water. A compressed paper element dissolves to release a sprung needle which pierces the gas cylinder.

Sea, spray, or rainwater running downwards through the unit should not cause activation-only water flowing upwards will activate firing ... take a look at the short video of the 'fire-hose' test where a lucky test subject is fire-hosed with their deckvest on to demonstrate the protection against inadvertent inflation.


  • Very reliable activation when immersed
  • Easy to check and re-arm at sea
  • Easy to convert to ‘manual firing’ only
  • Pro Sensor has an indicator to show armed status
  • Water sensitive activation system 
  • Uses a compressed paper capsule that dissolves and releases a spring to puncture the gas cylinder. (Pro Sensor has indictators to show status of cap and cylinder) 
  • The cap is designed so that only water flowing upwards through the unit will cause it to activate. Water, spray and rain running down jacket will not cause activation. 


  • Can be prone to accidental inflation in heavy breaking sea conditions or if stored in a damp, unventilated location 
  • Cylinder can work loose over time so needs checking regularly 
  • Cylinder can corrode/leak if stored damp 
  • 3 year replacement date printed on firing cap   


Service interval commences from the first day of purchase - note that Spinlock deckvest owners are required to register product online to validate the extended warranty within 2 weeks of purchase.   We recommend an Owner Inspection every 3 months, and Service Centre Inspection is required every 2 years.   Note that if you are in engaged in yacht racing the race authority may require annual inspection.  


Weight 1.5kg 

CE Approved
ISO12402-3 Life Jacket
ISO 12401 Deck Harness 


90% of customers are a size 2 due to the size overlaps.



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