McMurdo E5 Smartfind EPIRB, CAT 1, Auto Deployment, Non GPS Model

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The E5 Smartfind EPIRB is a GMDSS compliant distress radio beacon essential for aiding rescuers reach survivors within the first 24 hours of an incident at sea. Location is determined within 5km (3 miles) by measuring the doppler shift of the EPIRB's signal through the COSPAS-SARSAT network. Once in the area, rescue services are then able to pinpoint your precise location using inbuilt 121.5Mhz homing transmitter. Supplied with a float-free housing, the Smartfind E5 EPIRB is automatically deployed and activated if the boat is sinking.

  • 406/121.5MHz EPIRB
  • International approval
  • Non hazardous battery for easy transportation
  • High brightness flashing LED light
  • Minimum 48hr continuous operation
  • 6 year battery storage life
  • Comprehensive self test facility with battery use indicator
  • Automatic float free housing deploys the EPIRB when submerged over 2-4m
  • 5 year warranty