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At 153 grams and topping just 11.4 cm, the ACR 406 ResQLink PLB+ is the smallest, bouyant PLB available today.  Small enough to easily be carried in a pocket, clipped to a backpack or stored inside an inflatable life jacket.

This model is naturally bouyant and comes set to strap to your lifejacket, backpack or anything else you are wearing / carrying.

With three levels of integrated signal technology - GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz signal, and 121.5 MHz homing capability - the ResQLink™ quickly and accurately relays your position to a worldwide network of search and rescue satellites. A built-in strobe light provides visibility during night rescues.

PLBs have been proven tried and true in some of the world's most remote locations and treacherous conditions.  In the recent rescue of the crew from the yacht Inception in Bass Strait in mountainous seas, 5 PLBs were activated and the ACR PLBs were detected as much as 80 minutes faster and with a GPS signal in all cases.

Two built-in tests allow you to routinely verify that the ResQLink+™ is functioning and ready for use - with the push of a button, you can easily test internal electronics and GPS functionality.

  • Buoyant
  • No Subscription Fees 
  • Super Bright LED Strobe 
  • Onboard 66-Channel GPS Self-Test and GPS Test Features 
  • Typical Performance 30 Hours 
  • Non-Hazmat Battery 
  • Made in the U.S.A. and coded for Australia - learn more here

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Detailed Specifications:
Product Number 2881
Model Number PLB-375
Size 1.6 x 1.9 x 4.5” (4.1 x 4.8 x 11.4 cm)
Weight 5.4 oz (153 g)
Battery, Class Class 2 (non-hazmat) lithium batteries
Battery, Replacement Interval Replacement due six (6) years from date of manufacture or five (5) years after beacon is placed into service, whichever is first, or after emergency use
Battery, Operational Life Exceeds required 24 Hours @ -4°F (-20°C)
Battery, Storage -40°F to + 158°F (-40°C to +70°C)
Material Engineered polycarbonate blend
Color ACR-treuse™ (high visibility yellow)
Activation Manual
Operation 2 steps: deploy antenna, press ON button, giving clear view of sky
Waterproof 16.40 ft (5 m) @ 1 hr., 33 ft (10 m) @ 10 min. Factory tested @ 70°F, exceeds RTCM waterproof requirements
Approvals Cospas-Sarsat, FCC, Canada, R&TTE, Australia, New Zealand
Limited Warranty 5 years
Lead Free Yes 60 self tests/12 GPS tests
Battery, Typical Performance 30 Hours @ -4°F (-20°C)
Accessories Double-sided Attachment Velcro Strap Included
Radiated Power 5W (406 MHz), 50 mW +/-3dB (121.5 MHz)

 Battery Material Safety Data Sheet

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