Spinlock Flush Mount Throttle Control Unit with Lever

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  • Proven raceboat throttle control solution
  • Removable handle eliminates the risk of lines snagging when sailing
  • Allows engine control to be located in the best position for the helmsman
  • ATCU-LVR handle option recommended for perfect fit

The Spinlock ATCU is a conversion kit to work with Teleflex Throttles. The Teleflex Throttle is sourced separately by the customer. The Teleflex unit is NOT supplied. The ATCU/1 is designed to fit Teleflex Throttle model B700B, B80/S,C80/L,CH2100P and CH2600P. Sometimes referred to as TX172152. Full assembly instructions are supplied. 


Weight: ATCU/1+ (includes handle) - 380g (13.3oz)

Fasteners:  ATCU/1+ - 4 x M5 (3/16") CSK Head (Supplied)