Andersen Electric Winch Components

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RA581900 to RA582010
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Andersen Winches come supplied with first rate electrical components: push buttons, circuit breakers and control cables. E1 winches are supplied with push button with integrated LED which illuminates when power to the winch system is on. The push button incorporates a hinged safety cover to prevent inadvertent winch operation and is water resistant rated to IP67. The push button also acts with the controller to flash status codes that assist with trouble shooting in the event of overload or where other system protection intervention occurs. A cable for connection of the push button is included for convenient installation.


Product Number Description
RA581900 Push Button, Square, standard; 2+1/2+2, Black Trim
RA581910 Push Button Full Stainless “On/Off”; 2+1/2+2, Full Stainless
RA581920 Push Button Full Stainless Center Hole “On/Off”; 2+1/2+2, Full Stainless w/Hole
RA582000 Elec. Push Button/Light; E1, Black Trim
RA582010 Elec. Push Button/Light FS; E1, Full Stainless