Rocna Fisherman Galvanized Anchor

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The Rock Solid Fish & Dive Anchor
Designed as a specialist anchor for fishermen and divers who run an increased risk of getting their anchor stuck on an undersea obstacle, the Rocna Fisherman features a shackle rail™ for easier recovery of a fouled anchor.

Choose the Rocna Fisherman

  • For smaller boats that re-anchor frequently.
  • For easier anchor retrieval in difficult conditions.
  • For day trips rather than extended cruising.
  • Finish: Galvanized
  • Sizes: 4 kg (9 lb) & 6 kg (13 lb) only


  • Finish: Galvanized
  • Part Numbers/Sizes:
    • ROCFIS004GS: 4 kg/ 9 lb
    • ROCFIS006GS: 6 kg/ 13 lb

Choose the Rocna:

  • For the best multi-purpose anchor that sets on all ocean floors.
  • For vessels of all sizes, from small runabouts to super yachts, workboats and small ships.

Features of the Rocna:

  • Quick sets across a range of bottom types
  • Rock solid holding power
  • Resistant to wind and tide shifts
  • Self-launching
  • Tandem anchoring attachment point
  • Guaranteed for life

Precision Setting

The roll-bar (A) ensures that the anchor always arrives at the ideal angle for penetration, and the setting skids (B) guide the fluke tip (C), which acts as a sharp chisel cutting into the seabed.  With a third of the anchor's weight on its fluke tip, an instant reliable set is ensured with every use.

Rock Solid Holding Power

Of all anchor types, a concave fluke (D) gives the greatest resistance, and through clever design Rocna provides the largest fluke area possible.  In very soft seabeds, this provides the holding power to secure you boat.  On hard or weedy sea floors, Rocna's chisel tip (C)0 ensures that it cuts through and bites deep.

Maximum Versatility

The Rocna is a true multi-purpose anchor that sets and holds in most seabeds, from soft mud to hard sand, clay, grass, and kelp.

Resistant to Wind and Tide Shifts

A Rocna remains stable and buried, and does not roll out on reversal or veering of load, or if dragged beyond yield, providing enhanced security.

Highest Quality Build and Finish

Compare the welds and finish on a genuine Rocna anchor to alternatives.  We believe a top performing product should be built like one, and Rocna soends a lot of time and resources on production and quality control procedures to ensure that this is the case.

High Tensile Steel Shank (E)

Rocna anchors are designed -- and built -- for strength and durability.

Self-Deploying and Self-Recovering

The Rocna shank is designed so the anchor self-launches and self-stows on the majority of bow-rollers, with the greatest possible reliability.