Para Anchor In Water Kits

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Each of these Para Anchors is custom made within Australia using local suppliers. Pricing shown here is indicative and does not include freight. To enquire please email 

Purchase an InWater kit for your Para Anchor.  Each kit includes:

  • Retrieval system comprising floating line and two floats sized for your para anchor
  • Double braided nylon rode line - fully spliced with heavy duty stainless steel thimbles at each end.   Double braided nylon has been shown to have the optimum level of stretch to protect the vessel from shock loads while minimising the tendency for the para anchor to pulse in severe sea conditions.
  • A dedicated storage bag and all rated shackles needed to connect your para anchor, retrieval lines and rode.

If you need a bridle, contact us and we can discuss your requirements and make a custom bridle to meet the particular needs and geometry of your vessel.

Download the latest Para Anchor Brochure here.

Size Guide

Note that for a mono hull, 100m of rode is recommended, and 120m recommended for a Multi-hull.   Rode diameter varies with the size of the para anchor as shown below.

  • 14 mm rode - Coastal 9
  • 16 mm rode - Global 12, Tasman 15
  • 18 mm rode - Bass Strait 18
  • 20 mm rode - Pacific 20
  • 22 mm rode - Southern Ocean 24
  • 24 mm rode - Indian Pacific 28