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LifeStraw® Personal, simply known as LifeStraw®,is an extremely effective portable water filter created for prevention of common waterborne diarrhoeal diseases.

LifeStraw water filters are so amazingly effective that you can drink from a creek, river, dam or even a puddle and disease-causing organisms are removed. LifeStraws are not only invaluable for use locally, or when travelling, but also a most valuable tool to help the billion world-wide who do not have clean water to drink... every time you purchase a Lifestraw product from this site you help supply these innovative products to those in desperate need.

LifeStraw® Features
  • No power or moving parts - designed for tough outdoor conditions. Perfect for humanitarian work, travelers and camping.
  • Robust requires basic care and no maintenance
  • Filters 1000 litres of fresh surface water to .2 micron - that is about 18 mths drinking water for an adult
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Stores indefinitely
  • In emergency work - easy to distribute - no packaging and assembly required, just hand out for use
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Packed Shipping Dimensions / unit: 300mm Long x 40mm wide x 35mm deep