Exposure XS Emergency Navigation and Personal Light Pack

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Exposure XS Emergency Light Pack

Visible from 3 nautical miles away, this is a complete pack of emergency lights that meets the requirements of the regulatory authorities and YA.   Visible from more than 3nm away with up to 60 hours operation, they are a great option as your emergency lighting kit on larger vessesl, or you primary kit for smaller vessels needing temporary lights.

The XS Emergency light pack includes the XS, XS-R and XS-G offering a set of 3 high powered, compact, waterproof torches in white, green and red - each with their own quick mount bracket making them easy to connect to the rail or other location on smaller craft.

The lights can also be used as personal lights, worn around the neck for short bursts of red, green or white light ... avoiding that blinding flash back at your crewmates.  The XS series lights are the smallest, toughest, brightest and lightest in the field. Designed to be worn around the neck, in a headband, on a helmet, in a bracelet or held between your teeth.  They weighs just 33g, 50x22mm, high and low definition output, and 6 to 60 hours burn time. Perfect for onboard living above and below deck when night vision is vital

"The new red 'XS' torches have gone down very well, mine had been round my necj since leaving Auckland ... the nights are pretty fdark down here so it is great to keep the night vision" ... Ian Walker, Skipper of 'Azzam' Abu Dhabi Volvo Ocean Racing Team - 1000nm from land, 2000 nm from Auckland, and 2500 nm to Chile

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In the box

Exposure Marine XS sailing torch
Exposure Marine XS-R sailing torch
Exposure Marine XS-G sailing torch
Stanchion/Bar mounts x 3
Quick Release reflective lanyard x 3
Silicone light diffuser/beacon x 3
CR123 Charger
CR123 Rechargeable Batteries x 3
Instruction Card