Ronstan Open Body Turnbuckle Bodies

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RF1530-04 to RF1530-12
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Open Body Turnbuckle Bodies
Product No. Description Thread A (mm) BL (kg) Weight (g)
RF1530-04 O/B T/B Body 1/4” Thread ¼ UNF 118.3 1630 93
RF1530-05 O/B T/B Body 5/16” Thread 5/16 UNF 126.5 2250 142
RF1530-06 O/B T/B Body 3/8” Thread 3/8 UNF 147.0 3350 219
RF1530-08 O/B T/B Body 1/2” Thread ½ UNF 168.0 5430 415
RF1530-10 O/B T/B Body 5/8” Thread 5/8 UNF 205.7 8700 781
RF1530-12 O/B T/B Body 3/4” Thread ¾ UNF 260.0 12650 1371


  • Open design
  • Fine UNF threads 


Rigging products for swaging have product numbers that are coded to indicate certain dimensions of the product. The first four digits identify the product type. The last two digits denote the thread size expressed in 1/16".Open Body Turnbuckles are made from polished chrome plated high grade brass bodies. For easy thread identification an etched “R” identifies the right-hand threaded end of the body. 


  • Range offers large adjustment to wire rigged boats from dinghies through to keelboats 


  • Chrome plated high grade brass bodies