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ACR Survival Story

6th May 2015

I was a goner. Following a critical, unplanned detour, solo and without cell-phone signal, way off-trail, injured, immobile and without a

Travelling with Safety Equipment

Posted by Jeff Dusting on 10th Sep 2014

Can I Carry My EPIRB Or PLB on the Plane?The official line (from Table 2.3.A of the IATA regs) is that "Portable electronic devices (includi
Fitting AIS and Locator Beacons to Your PFD

Fitting AIS and Locator Beacons to Your PFD

Posted by Jeff Dusting on 20th Jun 2014

Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and Personal AIS devices have decreased in size and price over recent years, making them increasingly popular

Need To Know – AMSA Beacon Registrations

13th Jun 2014

Why register a distress beacon?Registration is free and can result in a more efficient search and rescue effort. As stated, digital 406 MHz


13th Jun 2014

Which beacon do I need … a PLB or an EPIRB?Both EPIRBS and PLB’s operate in similar ways once activated as they are tracking transmitters wh