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AYF Category 2 Gear Guide

Posted by jeffdusting (@jeffdusting) on 25th Jun 2015

As is often said, getting your boat to the start line of an Ocean Race is a race in itself.   To make things a little ea
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ACR Survival Story

6th May 2015

I was a goner. Following a critical, unplanned detour, solo and without cell-phone signal, way off-trail, injured, immobil
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Personal Equipment Guide - Outer Layers

Posted by Jeff Dusting on 25th Sep 2014

Outer Layers! So we’ve talked about the all important base layer, providing warmth and heat retention next to your sk
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Travelling with Safety Equipment

Posted by Jeff Dusting on 10th Sep 2014

Can I Carry My EPIRB Or PLB on the Plane?The official line (from Table 2.3.A of the IATA regs) is that "Portable electronic d
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Gear Care - Caring for your outer layers

Posted by Jeff Dusting on 24th Aug 2014

So, you invested in the best gear to keep you dry and warm, ever wondered how to care your new wet weather jacket or pants? &
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