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Para Anchor
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Para Anchor Fisherman Series Drift Anchor

The Fisherman Drift Anchor is designed specifically to be used by fishing vessels and other vessels that need to either drift with the tide or hold a position as closely as is possible.

Available from 4ft to 18 ft diameter, see table below for guidance.  Each Fisherman Series para anchor is supplied complete with retrieval line and para anchor rode.

If you are in a rip and want to hold a position or are in a 20m commercial fishing vessel and need to drift with the tide/current in a controlled way then the Fishermans Drift Anchor will ensure that you can do this in a safe and controlled manner! 

Fisherman Series Guide
Fisherman Series Para Anchor Diameter Vessel Length
Fisherman 4 4 feet 6.5m
Fisherman 7 7 feet 9m
Fisherman 9 9 feet 11m
Fisherman 12 12 feet 12m
Fisherman 15 15 feet 13.5m
Fisherman 18 18 feet Refer to manufacturer
Fisherman 20 20 feet without InWater kit**
*Supplied complete with Retrieval line and Float plus Anchor line
**Fisherman Series 20 does NOT include InWater Kit - contact us at if you'd like a quote for the in water kit too.

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