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Miscellaneous Hardware & Spares

  • Andersen Bailers Service Kits (RA574095 to RA574154)

    Andersen Bailers Service Kits

    FEATURES Effective and reliable means of automatic bailing Made of stainless steel and guaranteeing years of trouble free servicing SPECIFICATIONS Product Number Description Suits Bailer RA574095 Bailer, Super Max,...

    $9.83 - $47.91
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  • Andersen Circuit Breaker 70 Amp (RA590070)

Andersen Circuit Breaker 100 Amp (RA590100)

    Andersen Circuit Breakers

    Electric Winch Accessories - Circuit Breakers Manual reset On-Off switch capability External ignition protected (ABYC E-11; CD; SAE J1171) Marine weatherproof rated DC power systems only 8mm (5/16") cable terminals Part...

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    Andersen Handle For Winch 101 (RA511011) Andersen Handle for Winch 91 (RA510911)

    Andersen Handles For Winches

    Product Number Description RA510901 Handle for Winch 90 (winch out of production) RA510911 Handle for Winch 91 RA511001 Handle for Winch 100 (winch out of production) RA511011 Handle for Winch 101 RA511021 Handle for...

    $117.81 - $145.53
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  • Andersen Winch Grease, Tube (RA500001-1)

    Andersen Winch Grease, Tube

    FEATURES High quality silicone/Teflon® grease product Suits all models - 75g PRODUCT INFORMATION We strongly recommend always using ANDERSEN WINCH GREASE, when lubricating your winch. ANDERSEN WINCH GREASE is a high quality...

    $23.89 - $239.93
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  • Burke Rigid Seat Bosun Chair (BOS212)

    Burke Rigid Seat Bosun Chair

    Designed for working the mast while under way. The sit-in design offers good support, maneuverability and maximum comfort. Using High-strength, double-layer, 48mm lifting strap with two reinforced loops for halyard attachment. The padded seat and lower...

    MSRP: $129.95
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  • CDI Lower Unit Adaptor Kit (C-551-334K)

    CDI Lower Unit Adaptor Kit

    CDI Gearcase Filler Adapter Kit Compatible with: 551-33-1, 551-34PV, 551-34HA & 551-34HB Includes: 551-334M, 551-334S, 551-334V, 551-33TN, & unthreaded nozzle

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