Ultra Fenders FS60-FS120 Spherical Fenders

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Ultra Fenders Textile Fenders

LIGHT: Ultra-light for easy handling.  The lightest fender on the market makes it easy to handle on deck and retrieve over the rail.

SPACE SAVING: Easily stowed when deflated. Roll or fold when deflated to minimise stowage space.

PATENTED DESIGN: The unique innovative textile offers UV resistance, is hard wearing and easy to clean.

STRONG: Exceptionally robust.  The patented design enables extreme resistance on compression and tensile strength.


  • Exceptionally robust
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Effortless handling
  • UV resistant
  • Ideal for raft up
  • Minimum space required to stow
  • Simple inflation and deflation mechanism
  • Reinforced stitching on suspension straps
  • Hard wearing welded inner membrane
  • Designed and manufactured in France
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • Patented design


  • The fender collar must be rigid when inflated
  • Make sure the valve is fully closed when inflating (button all the way up)
  • Deflate: push in and turn the button to open valve
  • Roll the fender up from the bottom in order to extract all the air and lock the cap
  • Stowage: rolled or folded
  • Washing machine friendly (30 degrees cycle max., remove the inner membrane, protect the SS rings to avoid damage to the washing machine)
  • Fender can be filled with fresh water to add weight in windy conditions (5% of the fender volume)


  • Approximate dimensions based on fender inflated at 250mbar (approx. 3.6 psi)


Part # Height (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (g)
FS60 550 520 430 1180
FS70 650 620 500 1544
FS80 740 670 560 1900
FS100 860 900 700 2624
FS120 980 1220 850 3340