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TyeTec NMP-Sail Blocks

NMP-S381515 to NMP-S642525
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NMP stands for "no moving parts".  NMP blocks are designed for use in between the loop thimble and loop block. The fixed part is spliced through the central opening or suspended, and the block is secured through the milled slots by sewing or with a simple cable tie to prevent twisting. The loose part is between the jaws of the block.

NMP-S BLOCK is used for the Mainsail Reef.  Lowest weight in connection with an enormous MWL makes it the block for the job. The NMP-S block does have an additional slot for attachement flat on the sail.
It will be attached with Dyneema® webbings to the sail and some handstitching through the outer slots will prevent it from turning. The webbings shouldn’t be sewn closer than 2 x B to the block to lower compression force.

TyeTec NMP-Sail Blocks

Part Number Description D1 (mm) H (mm) B (mm) Weight (g) MWL (daN) Ø dew
NMP-S381515 for 8mm rope 15 48 15 18 1600 max. 5mm
NMP-S471818 for 10mm rope 18 55 18 30 3500 max. 6mm
NMP-S562222 for 12mm rope 22 66 22 55 6000 max. 12mm
NMP-S642525 for 14mm rope 25 74 25 80 12000 max. 14mm