StopGull Boat Vent 3

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Boat Vent 3 is an improved version of the Boat Vent II, which made its name in the marine industry over the last two decades through adding value to covered boats by venting and tenting, preventing mildew and mold.

This remarkable devise prolongs the life of your boats upholstery by venting the enclosed space of the warm, moist air. Boat Vent 3 helps prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing under your cover, and causing irreversible damage to your boat's interior.  

Molded from the highest UV inhibited plastic on the planet, it can be installed to virtually any boat cover.

Boat Vent 3 features four major improvements over Boat Vent II:

  • 40% more venting
  • Overhanging top to allow in less moisture
  • 30 teeth on the washer for a better grip
  • Ergonomic reversible nut for easy installation