Spinlock Asymmetric Handle Tiller Extension for precision helming with Diablo universal joint 750mm-1200mm

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Designed for the hardest conditions, to reduce the strain and increase the sheer enjoyment of helming.

The Asymmetric grip improves helming performance in three ways:

  • More feedback - for accurate and precise control
  • More mobility - maintains the best helming position for optimum trim and visibility
  • Less fatigue - correct helming position reduces back pain and improves concentration
  • Asymmetric grip fits the hand and supports the wrist, on or off the wind
  • Allows two handed helming with arms relaxed into a more comfortable, elbows-down position
  • Push-button adjustment with Torlon™ ball locking mechanism
  • Strong stainless steel swivel joint for precise control
  • Removable fast pin for easy stowage
  • Integral shock absorber

Part Number: EA/1200DS


  • Length Closed: 750mm (29 5/8")
  • Length Extended: 1200mm (47 1/4")
  • Weight: 700g (23.6 oz)

Diabolo Version

The diabolo version is preferred by single-handed yachtsmen. A windsurfing style universal join returns it to a vertical position when not in use. Used in Mini Transat, Open 60s and many other boats predominantly tiller steered by autopilot.