Selden Deck Organisers 50mm

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420-101-02R to 420-101-06R
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Deck Organisers

Seldén deck organisers keep the deck tidy and lead the ropes back to the cockpit. The acetal sheaves have acetal ball bearings absorbing side loads from a rope entering the organiser with a vertical angle. The result is low friction making hoisting and trimming of sails fast and easy. The organisers can be fitted to a slightly curved surface and two organizers can be stacked on top of each other. The deck organisers are made of glass fibre reinforced composite.


  • Safe working load is stated at 90º angles.
  • Two organisers can be stacked on top of each other.
  • Safe working load and breaking load is reduced 50% for an organizer stacked on top of another.
  • Ball bearing sheaves absorbing side loads.

Deck Organisers 50mm Specifications

  • Safe working load: 1000 kg
  • Breaking load: 2000 kg
  • Max line size: 16 mm
  • Hole spacing c-c: 58 mm 

420-101-02R: 2 sheaves; 172g weight; 2 x M8 fasteners

420-101-03R: 3 sheaves; 258g weight; 3 x M8 fasteners

420-101-04R: 4 sheaves; 340g weight; 4 x M8 fasteners

420-101-05R: 5 sheaves; 420g weight; 5 x M8 fasteners

420-101-06R: 6 sheaves; 510g weight; 6 x M8 fasteners