RWB Jib Reefing System 811-T

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811-T Jib Reefing System - 8 to 11 metres (26 to 36ft boat)

The 811 drum cheeks swivel through 360 deg ensuring safe manoeuvres through a smooth and regular feeding of the rope.

These cheeks protect the reefing drum and the round unobtrusive design allows free running of the ropes. The reefing drum features an aluminium core combining performance and lightweight features.

Both the reefing drum and halyard swivel features Torlon and Delrin ball bearings for smooth drum rotation and increased performance.

The 811-T comes standard with adjustable chain plates allowing both chain plate and turnbuckle mounting.


  • Suits forestay diameter 4mm to 7mm
  • Max headsail area size 35 Square metres
  • Supplied complete for forestay 11.4 Mtr
  • Luff rope diameter, finished 5mm
  • Drum sheet capacity 17.5 metres of 8mm diameter rope