RWB Jabsco Quiet Flush Electric Toilet - Fresh Water Flush 12v

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Quiet Flush marine toilets are an innovation from Jabsco to improve the performance, comfort and appearance of electric marine toilets and make life on-board more comfortable.  It works the same way and includes the same features as the premium electric Jabsco toilets with some important additional features.


  • Utilises the boats existing fresh water pressure pump, which must be capable of a flow rate of 13.5 litres per minute or more.
  • The fresh water kit includes a solenoid valve and siphon breaker assembly to prevent any backflow from the toilet to the fresh water system. 
  • Fresh water flush systems are much cleaner and carry less odour than salt water flush system.
  • Fresh water flush is more ideal, as long as your fresh water pump is large enough and your fresh water tanks are large enough to accommodate the additional usage.
  • Powerful macerator discharge pump breaks up waste and evacuates the toilet and its modern three-way control panel lets you select a normal flush, drain cycle or adjust the water level.
  • Includes a 3-way control panel that allows you to select a normal flush and drain cycle or to raise or lower the water level. 
  • Includes 2 meters of white hose to connecto either the solenoid valve or the salt water intake pump.
  • All toilets has connections for 20mm (3/4") intake hose and 25mm (1") and 38mm (1 1/2") outlet hose.
  • Includes hygenic vitreous china marine toilet bowl in either standard or large size giving additional comfort.
  • Includes contoured base, motor cover, fastening covers and stylish white enameled wood seat & lid for easy cleaning and sleek appearance.


  • Connections: - for 19mm ( ¾”) bore inlet hose, 25mm (1“) bore discharge hose
  • Compact bowl dimensions (mm) - 350  x 350  x 450 
  • Large bowl dimensions (mm) - 370  x 370 x 500 
  • Fuse size - 25 amp
  • Low-noise waste discharge pump
  • Use any remote-mounted automatic pressurised water pump for flushing.
  • Pump must deliver at least 13.5 litres/minute.
  • Includes solenoid valve to control flushing pump, 1.8m of hose, siphon breaker assembly
  • Three-way control panel
  • Packaged dimensions: L:44.00 x H:42.00 x W:56.00cm
  • Actual weight: 15.00 Kg (Approx. 17.00 Kg packed)
J10-121 Jabsco 37045-0092: 12v Standard Bowl 
J10-123 Jabsco 37045-1092: 12v Large Bowl