RWB Jabsco Base Mounted Electric Conversion Kit 12v/24v

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Converts Jabsco and many other brands of manual toilets to the ease and convenience of electric operation.  The flush pump rinses the bowl and is self priming to 1.8 metres vertical lift, the powerful macerator pump grinds waste as it pumps.  A built-in backflow preventer is included in the discharge housing.  This conversion kit utilises the plumbing connections, the bowl, and the seat and lid of the existing manual toilet.  It can also be used as a major upgrade kit to renew old electric toilets of various brands.

Converts most toilets with 4 bolt fixing bowls and bolt centres on a 95mm dia. circle including all type Jabsco manual toilets, Par Mk1 & 2, Brydon Boy and most older types of RM69, TMC, Groco, Raritan, Wilcox Critenden, Mansfield and Sealand.

The comprehennsive conversion kit includes:

  • Complete base, motor andmacerator assembly
  • Motor cover
  • Heavy duty push button switch
  • Base gasket
  • Hose adaptors
  • Hose and clamps
  • Stainless steel fastenings and fastening covers

J11-100 37010-0092: 12 volt 16 amp base conversion kit

J11-101 37010-0097: 24 volt 9 amp base conversion kit