RWB Jabsco 13 Litre Ultra-Max Freshwater Pressure Set 12v

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Fully assembled, wired and plumbed ready for use - simplifies installation for both the professional and amateur installer.

Par-Max 3.5 automatic fresh water pressure pump provides up to 13.2 litres per minute flow which will adequately serve 3 x 12mm (1/2") outlets in standard installations.

  • Fully mounted pump systemprovies up to 13.2 litres per minute flow
  • Diaphragm pump gives smooth and quiet operation and dry run ability
  • Includes solid plastic mounting board, accumulator tank, filter, plug-in hose ports, wiring connection studs all pre-fitted
  • Self primes to 3 metres
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Ignition protected motor
  • Thermal overload protection with auto re-start
  • Pressure switch cuts in at 20PSI - cuts out at 40 PSI

The Ultra-Max set consists of a Par-Max 3.5 40PSI diaphragm pressure pump, pre-filter and 1 litre pressurized bladder accumulator tank, wired, plumbed and mounted on a sturdy plastic mounting board (322 x 328mm) with rubber feet.

Simple one- step electrical connection and snap-in ports for connection to 12mm (1/2") I.D. hose.