RWB Deluxe Tackle Box & Hatch

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These deluxe tackle box & hatch from Nuova Rade of Italy is made from UV inhibited ASA plastic material featuring reinforced construction. A 180 degree door opening lid for full access to your tackle trays.

The low profile reinforced lid completely covers the mounting screw holes for an attractive, flush, non-skid finish.


  • Made from durable UV inhibited ASA material
  • Complete with lid seal for a splashproof finish in vertical intallations.
  • Deluxed style hatch - door covers screw holes for a neat finish
  • Complete with colour coded sliding tackle storage trays
  • Opening door is fully hinged for 180 degree opening
  • Hatch lid completely covers mounting screws
  • Single recessed turn hatch handle
  • 7 colour coded sliding tackle storage trays included
  • Full 180 degree door opening with solid hinge pin
  • Locks can be retro-fitted
  • Pre-drilled 5mm (3/16") countersunk fastening holes



  • Overall size: 375mm x 275mm
  • Cut out size: 298mm x 198mm
  • Storage Box depth: 160 x 300mm

Tray Sizes:

  • 3x Trays -   57 x 47 x 120mm
  • 2x Trays -   93 x 47 x 120mm
  • 2x Trays - 195 x 47 x 120mm