Ronstan Batten Pocket Protectors

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PNP83 to PNP343
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  • Suitable for Keelboat, Dinghy and Trailerable yacht mainsails
  • Moulded in impact resistant, UV stabilised Nylon.
  • Screws included. 
  • PNP147/148: Slot at the luff end allows attachment by webbing to slides, slugs or cars. 
Part Number Description Weight g
PNP83 Batten Pocket End 6mm x 50mm 17
PNP87 Batten Pocket End 4mm x 16mm 9
PNP105 Batten Pocket End 40mm x 5mm 17
PNP143 Batten Pocket Protector HD 30mm (1 1/8”) x 7mm (9/32”) -
PNP145 Batten Pocket Protector 40mm(1 9/16”)x8mm (5/16”) White 34
PNP146 Batten Pocket End, Medium 49mm X 7.5mm -
PNP147 Large Batten Pocket End 50mm x 5mm 56
PNP148 Large Batten Pocket End Black, 8mm x 50mm 90
PNP343 Batten Pocket Protector 40mm(1 9/16") x8mm(5/16") White 64