Nodus Factory Textile Shackle T-Close K

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Nodus Factory ™ focuses on the innovation of textile adjustable rope grips for modern ropework, textile deck equipment, running and standing rigging.

Awarded patents and laboratory tested, Nodus Factory's textile rope grips; T-close®, T-bat®, T-lazy®, T-kite® and T-ropes® are revolutionary, high-performance, ultra-resistant, ultralightweight and economical.

Textile Shackle T-close K 

Part Number Product
1102010110 shackle T-C2k, inc dyneema
1103010110 shackle T-C3k, inc dyneema
1105010110 shackle T-C5k, inc dyneema
1106010110 shackle T-C6k, inc dyneema
1108010110 shackle T-C8k, inc dyneema