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Nodus Factory ™ focuses on the innovation of textile adjustable rope grips for modern ropework, textile deck equipment, running and standing rigging.

Awarded patents and laboratory tested, Nodus Factory's textile rope grips; T-close®, T-bat®, T-lazy®, T-kite® and T-ropes® are revolutionary, high-performance, ultra-resistant, ultralightweight and economical.

Note: Nodus Factory designs, develops and markets rope grips created for the specific sector of sailing.  For correct installation, our rope grips need to be installed by boating professionals, riggers, sail makers, nautical upholsterers and rope makers.

T-bat Rope Grip 

Adjustable textile rope grip for fenders.


  • Adjustable, efficient, ultralightweight, innovative, safe, efficient and heavy-duty.
  • Replaces knots, shackles and snap hooks.
  • Easy to install, adjust and open, never block.
  • No corrosion.


  • Rope, 100% Polyester hollow braid 12fx - Color light grey
  • Piece T-bat, 100% Polyamide HQT - Color black or fluorescent.  It is distinguished by the fact that the typical moisture taken by polyamides virtually not affect its mechanical properties. Rigidity and durability remain at their highest level.


  • Observe WLL for the type of rope used.
  • Do not use as personal safety gear.
  • Do not use the T-bat for any other use or adaptation.
  • Node with « Cover » knot in calm area.
  • Node with « Grip » knot, locking device in rough area.


  • No particularities, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, from -50 to 170°C depending on the use conditions.
  • Rinse with fresh water.

T-bat Rope Grips

Part Number Product Ø Rope
Polyester 12fx
WLL Rope*
Working Load
Limit (daN)
BL Rope*
Breaking Load
A x B (mm)
Height C (mm) Weight (g)
Rope + Piece
2008010100 T-b8 8 mm/L 1.5mm* 500 1000 50 x 40 14 83.3
2010010100 T-b10 10 mm/L 1.6m* 800 1600 62 x 44 16 127.63

*loop length = ¼ L

*WLL/BL of rope strand