FSE Robline Admiral 5000 Ropes

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The Admiral 5000 is a top-performing sheet rope. Attention was paid to every detail that matters in a first-rate sheet. Ease of splicing provided by its 24-plait Polyester cover for great and is easy to handle on board. 12-plait Dyneema® SK78 core ensures maximum breaking strength, low stretch, and excellent creep characteristics.

Developed specifically for competitive regatta racers who rely on having the best equipment for the right application, FSE Robline Performance products leave little margin for error. Choosing the right material for its intended application is FSE Robline goal. Using FSE Robline top quality FSE Robline® ropes gives you confidence and leaves you free to concentrate on your sailin


  • Lowest stretch and highest breaking strength
  • Good UV-stability
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Low weight
  • Soft
  • Kink free
  • Good ability on winches
  • Good in cleats
  • High breaking strength
  • Spliceable
  • Low water absorption


  • Polyester 24
  • Dyneema® SK78

Applications: Cruising 

  • Spi Sheet (1)
  • Main Halyard (2)
  • Code Zero (3)
  • Spi Halyard (4)
  • Foresail Halyard (5)
  • Spi Pole Uphaul (6)
  • Cunningham (7)
  • Downhaul (8)
  • Foresail Sheet (9)
  • Spi Guys (10)
  • Backstays (11)
  • Main Sheet (12)
  • Reefing Lines (13)
  • Vang (14)