Burke Seabrake GP48 Drogue

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Like all good inventions Seabrake was born out of necessity in a life and death situation in Australia's notorious Bass Strait. Overwhelmed by 80 feet seas and 100mph winds Captain John Abernethy conceived the Seabrake principle when conventional drogues and sea anchors failed. Seabrake is approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as a sea anchor: Solas certificate #4126 and is compliant with the AYF as an emergency steering device.


  • 10 Applications for everyday use:
  • Sea anchor and drift anchor
  • Emergency steering
  • Anti-surfing/broaching device
  • Stabilizer under way
  • Stabilizer/anti-roll at anchor
  • Aid for vessels under tow
  • Aid for auto pilots
  • Aid for bar crossing
  • Seabrake has twice the drag as conventional sea anchors/drogues
  • Seabrake GP48 - suitable for boat Llngth 16.9mtrs to 22.8mtrs / 57' to 75' 
Code: Description: For Boat Length
SEAGP24 Seabrake GP24 6.0 to 10.8 m
SEAGP30 Seabrake GP30 10.9 to 16.0 m
SEAGP48 Seabrake GP48 16.9 to 22.0 m
SEAGP60 Seabrake GP60 22.9 to 29.0 m