RFD Heliraft Aviation Liferafts (7, 10, 14, or 18 Person)

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Heliraft Aviation Liferaft

  • Designed for helicopter operators but equally suited to fixed-wing aircraft
  • FAA and CAA compliant
  • Fully reversible
  • Available in sizes 7, 10, 14 and 18 person
  • Dimensions available upon application
  • A range of stowage options available to suit any situation
  • External deployment system available
  • Air deployment SAR system
  • A range of slowage options available to suit any situation

The Original Pioneers of Helicopter Safety, and Still the Best

  • Tried and tested in the most extreme real time emergencies
  • Approved to the highest standards including UK CAA, EASA and FAA specifications
  • Designed as a fully integrated part of the whole helicopter operation with rapid deployment and boarding solutions
  • Complete range of essential complimentary aerospace survival equipment, imcluding immersion suits, lifejackets and XDS systems

RFD Heliraft Benefits

  • An extensive team of technicians work tirelessly to ensure the RFD Heliraft remains the optimum product to improve your chances of survival.
  • Rapid Infation Time.  Fully operational and boardable within 60 seconds
  • Full Reversibility.  Unique design ensures the raft is always the right way up
  • Dry Shod Boarding.  Ensure immediate and easy access and post boarding safety
  • Improved Entry from Water.  Inflation boarding ramps allow baording due to unique reversible design
  • Rapid Exposure Protection.  Auto inflation and manual raising canopy
  • Open Platform Design.  Dramatically improved boarding and rescur phase
  • 50% Overload Capacity.  Better safety and survivability for crew and passengers
  • Reliable Operation and Performance in All Temperatures.  Optimised performance to weight ratio
  • Internal and External Stowages.  Customised to suit JAR OPS 3 helicopter complianceand safer. more effective stowages




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