Spinlock Deckvest 5D 170N Hammar PFD

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Now includes the Spinlock Lume On Light, for more info see here!

Spinlock’s latest award winning performance lifejacket harness - with the Hammar Hydrostatic Activation Head.   If you are on a very wet boat, then you'll want to consider the Hammar activation head in your deckvest.   If this is not you, take a look at the Deckvest ProSensor.

The Spinlock Deckvest is a high performance auto inflating life jacket and harness designed with comfort and safety in mind - you'll want to wear it!  The deckvest has a compact, moulded cut-away shape and a new proprietary shoulder fit system to flex and locate for the ultimate in comfort for men and women. 

The deckvest includes a built in harness, with a soft, high tensile fibre connector loop for your tether, and the high intensity Pylon Light for all-round visibility - a light on an antenna holding the strobe above your head.

The deckvest is approved to the ISO 12402-3 (Life Jacket) and ISO 12401 (Deck Safety Harness) International Standards and comes with a 5 Year Warranty from date of first registration.

Features and Benefits

  • High Level 360 degree visability 'Pylon' life jacket light - SEE the video
  • New mesh pocket for VHF Radio / PLB
  • Emergency safety line cutter and stowage pocket 
  • High visibility sprayhood to protect from spray inhalation
  • Dual Crotch and thigh straps included
  • New non-snag back length adjuster
  • New low profile collar shape
  • Secure, easily adjusted double-buckle belt
  • With Through Life Support (TLS): online owner support during the working life of your Deckvest.
  • Deckvest Owner Warranty extended to 5 years on registration

The Hammar System Explained

The Hammar System (MA10 Hydrostatic inflation System) is activated by water pressure and will not inflate until the cap is approximately 10cm underwater  A valve allows water into the firing head when water pressure exceeds a given spring pressure. This dissolves a compound that then releases a spring to fire the cylinder - a 33g CO2 bottle glued to backing plate inside the bladder.


• Will not accidently inflate in very wet conditions 

• Cylinder is glued to firing head so will not work loose 

• Cylinder is contained inside the bladder so will not corrode 

• Single indicator clearly shows if unit is armed  

• 5 year expiry date on firing head 


• More expensive rearming kit (more than double the cost of Pro Sensor kit) but you should not need to do this as often

• Must use a Spinlock rearming kit as the manual handle is sewn into the head 

• More technical and more critical to rearm and repack 

• For reliable water access at 10cm depth, all air must be removed from the bladder. Air trapped in either the bladder during rearming or in the cover around the firing head can delay, or in extreme cases prevent the head from activating 

• Delayed inflation can also be caused if full immersion of the firing head is delayed by buoyant foul weather gear  


Service interval commences from the first day of purchase - note that Spinlock deckvest owners are required to register product online to validate the extended warranty within 2 weeks of purchase.   We recommend an Owner Inspection every 3 months, and Service Centre Inspection is required every 2 years.   Note that if you are in engaged in yacht racing the race authority may require annual inspection.


Weight 1.4kg

CE Approved
ISO12402-3 Life Jacket
ISO 12401 Deck Harness 


Personal Locator Beacon: PLB1 

Man Over Board Device: MOB1 or Kannad R10 

Professional MOB1 or PLB installation 


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