Spinlock 60g CO2 Cylinder (only) for lifejackets

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  • 60g CO2 cylinder suitable for most 275N category lifejackets
  • Suitable for Deckvest Pro Sensor 275N lifejackets

Corrosion Resistant Coating

CO2 lifejacket inflation systems are incredibly reliable but depend on the use of steel cylinders. Damp, salty, humid marine environments can quickly corrode CO2 cylinders, causing them to rust if they are not cared for. Even a small build up of rust and corrosive electrolytic salts can quickly multiple to the point where the integrity of the inflatable bladder is compromised.
To overcome this well known risk, Spinlock have developed a unique corrosion resistant coating (CRC™) that prolongs the life of our cylinders. The revolutionary coating proved itself over a four month salt environment test against standard cylinders that are commonly used in lifejackets.


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