ACR Rapid-Fire Strobe Light w/ Pull Pin Activation

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This reliable signal strobe light packs inside inflatable life jackets, attaches to inherently buoyant life jackets, or can be mounted onto backpacks or flight suits. 

The powerful Xenon strobe light flashes 60 times per minute and is visible for more than 1 mile (1.6 km). The adjustable flash shield provides optimum eye protection and the pull-pin trigger automatically activates the strobe light when the life jacket inflates.

  • Small, compact, rugged, waterproof; pack inside inflatable life jacket or attach to standard life vest
  • Pull-pin activation: Automatically lights when vest inflates or if manually pulled
  • Adjustable flash shield for optimum eye protection
  • Pull-pin lanyard clips to bottom of inflation chamber
  • Light test feature with "Test Key" to ensure readiness-can be tested many times
  • Easy to mount-fits on inflation tube via 'O' Ring which will not damage inflation tube, or fits on any strap of conventional life jacket
  • "Tamper Tab" breaks to indicate light has been activated
  • Long term storage lithium battery-10 year storage life (recommended replacement 5 years from date of purchase-write month/year of replacement date on case at time of purchase)
  • Operating life-approximately 8 hours continuous at -20ºC (-4ºF)