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We've teamed up with MIIR and paar (plastic as a resource) to bring you a keep cup with a difference.

A 8 oz (Australian small) re-usable coffee cup with style, thermally insulated, and the sale price is allocated to community projects.

We buy the cups from MIIR, and every cup can be traced to a community project that they have selected ... with a unique traceability code included with your cup.

... and then, we donate the $10 to "paar" to support their current plastic recycling project.  At the moment, paar have supported the production and delivery of a set of Precious Plastics recycling machines to the small island of Auturo in Timor Leste.   The proceeds of the cups will be used to produce new moulds for the machines so that the community can make more valuable products from the waste plastic washing up on their shore.

If the good things are not enough, the cup is super!  Stylish, insulated, and right sized!

MIIR is now Climate Neutral Certified meaning they're measuring, offsetting, and reducing 100% of their annual carbon footprint.

Thanks for your support!