CamelBak Arc 2 O/S 0.2L Hydration Packs

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Lightweight run belt with 2 Podium® Arc™ bottles mounted in quick-access cages, with minimal gear storage. This running belt keeps 20 oz. of water at your waist for a stable, bounce-free long run. The elastic belt adjusts for a perfect fit, and the laser-bonded mesh keeps everything light and breathable. When you’re thirsty, just flex and twist to release the bottles from the belt. The jet valve technology delivers lots of water in just one squeeze, while the self-sealing cap keeps your drink from leaking all over the road.

Product Features:

Key Pack Features:

Essentials pocket fits most phones, front and back reflectivity, adjustable cinch strap, podium arc bottle, self-sealing jet valve.

Designed to Carry:

Gel, keys, cash, phone.

Podium Arc Bottle Features:

Self-sealing Jet Valve™ eliminates splatters and spills, lockout for leak-proof transport, lightweight, easy to squeeze, BPA-Free, TruTaste™ Polypropylene with HydroGuard™ lets you taste water--not the bottle.

Product Specifications:
  • Total Capacity: 20 cu in / .33L + 2 x 10 oz bottles
  • Pack-Only Weight: 9 oz / .25 kg
  • Back Panel/Torso: Welded air mesh / N/A
  • Belt: Fits 66-111 cm / 26"-44" waist
  • Harness: N/A
  • Fabric: 70D reverse chain nylon, poly air mesh

Product Care:

We recommend wiping your pack with a damp cloth to remove dirt. If the pack is extremely dirty and needs a deeper cleaning, soak it in cool or warm water with a very mild soap. Rinse the pack thoroughly with cool water. If soap residue remains in the fabric, it may create suds if exposed to water or sweat.

DO NOT wash your pack in a washing machine. Machine washing may damage the pack or affect the integrity of the fabric and fasteners, and will void the Got Your Bak™ Guarantee.

We recommend cleaning the Arc bottle by hand using warm water and soap if desired. High heat from the dishwasher may distort the lightweight plastic bottle components. The Arc caps can be washed in a dishwasher. Remove the cap assembly, making sure the Jet Valve™ lockout is open, and place it with the bottle on the top rack of your dishwasher. Do not disassemble small parts of the cap, simply place the whole cap into the washer. Disassembly of the cap could lead to leaks or product malfunction. For best results, we recommend avoiding high-heat settings such as 'sanitary clean' or 'heat boost' which may distort plastic components. We don’t recommend forcing a brush or other cleaning tool through the Jet Valve cross-slit (i.e. where you drink).