Harken 3.00 (76 mm) Runner Sheave

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Harken High-load sheaves are offered as replacement parts or for use in special applications. Their bearing system combines sideload-carrying balls with a Teflon® composite bushing to carry radial loads. While not as free-rolling as the standard Harken® ball/roller bearing system, this compact bearing system is extremely durable and perfect for carrying high loads in a restricted diameter.

Installation requires clamping or securing inner race.

Use for: Masts, Booms, Deck organisers and Through-the-transom running backstays.

Part Number: 754


Sheave Ø (mm):  76 mm
Width (mm):  22 mm
Weight (g):  142 g
Center pin Ø (mm):  12.7 mm
Maximum line Ø (mm):  12 mm
Maximum wire Ø (mm):  8 mm
Maximum working load (kg):  3175 kg
Breaking load (kg):  7484 kg
Footnote:  Breaking load based on use of solid 304 stainless shafts. 


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