RWB Large Capacity Topside Fuel Tanks

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USA made injected moulded fuel tanks made from high-density polyethylene with UV stabilised resin.  

  • Includes vented fuel cap and fuel level guage.
  • 60, 72 & 98 litre tanks feature a 90 degree, 1/4" NPT fuel withdrawal elbow that rotates 360 degrees eliminating fuel hose kinks.
  • A variety of capacities and sizes are available.
  • Suitable for use with petrol and ethanol blended fuel.
  • These tanks will also handle diesel fuel - however if a diesel return line is required there is no standard modification available to return the line to the tank.

Note: Height dimensions shown below include the fuel guage/cap.

RWB3673: 34 litre tank - tall thin style

  • Tall, thin style
  • 34L (9 US Gallon)
  • 580mm long x 355mm wide x 299mm high inc. cap

RWB3677: 45 litre tank - tall style

  • Tall, thin style
  • 45L (12 US Gallon) Tall
  • 580mm long x 355mm wide x 355mm high inc. cap

RWB3678: 45 litre tank - low profile style

  • Wide, flat, low profile style
  • 45L (12 US Gallon) Low
  • 615mm long x 455mm wide x 290mm high inc. cap

RWB3679: 60 litre tank 

  • Long, flat, very low profile style
  • 60L (16 US Gallon) 
  • 1090mm long x 380mm wide x 230mm high inc. cap

RWB3680: 72 litre tank 

  • Rectangular style
  • 72L (19 US Gallon) 
  • 710mm long x 380mm wide x 340mm high inc. cap

RWB3681: 98 litre tank 

  • Rectangular style
  • Heavy duty
  • 98L (26 US Gallon) 
  • 740mm long x 480mm wide x 345mm high inc. cap