RWB Jabsco 146SL Remote Control Searchlights 12v/24v

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Powerful 175,00 candlepower halogen sealed beam in a stylish non-corrosive weather-resistant Lexan housing.  Fully motorized clutch and gear unit allows 360 degree rotation and 60 degree vertical sweep.


  • Dusk-to-dawn piercing light from the 175,000 candlepower halogen beam
  • Range where a reasonable level of detail can be distinguished - 386 metres
  • Stylish and practical design is ideal for medium to large sized boats
  • Non-corrosive, weather resistant white Lexan housing
  • 2 speed directional control panel for precise beam aiming
  • Motorized, long life clutch and gear drive
  • Full 360 degree rotation - 60 degree vertical sweep
  • Supplied complete with water resistant remote control switch panel suitable for fly-bridges and 4.5 metre plug-in wiring cable

J60-105 Jabsco 60080-001212 volt 4 amp 146SL searchlight 

J60-106 Jabsco 60080-002424 volt 2 amp 146SL searchlight