RWB Dual Station Control Kits for Searchlights

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J61-118 Jabsco 43670-0005
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Secondary remote control kits for searchlights.

Includes secondary control panel, station selector panel, V-splices and butt connectors

Part Numbers/Kits

J61-118 Jabsco 43670-0005: for searchlights 135SL 12v & 24v

J61-119 Jabsco 64044-0000: for searchlight 155SL with electronic control 12v & 24v

J61-120 Jabsco 43670-0004: for searchlights 12 volt 146SL, 155SL, 255SL; 24 volt 146SL

J61-122 Jabsco 18753-0335: for searchlights 24 volt 255SL, 180/200RC