RWB AFI Premier Wet Wiper Arm Adjustable 380-500mm

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AFI wiper wet arms combine the heavy-duty construction with a built-in wet arm system for easy installation of a washer system for just about any boat's windshield. This provides an easy way to keep the windshield clean and increase visibility.

The wiper arms have a black PVC hose running up the center, which ends in a four nozzle fixture. Each solid brass nozzle is adjustable for maximum spray coverage of most windshields.

AFI Premier Wiper Wet Arms can be easily tied into a pre-existing pressurized water system or used with the AFI Below Deck Washer Kit (sold separately).


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Black PVC hose runs up center of the arm.
  • 4 nozzle spray fixture
  • Arms bend back for cleaning
  • Adjustable (15-20") 380 - 555mm length