RWB 233SL Remote Controlled Searchlights

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Powerful 200,000 candlepower dual halogen sealed beams in an elegant weather resistant non-corrosive white coated aluminium housing with a grey trim finish. Stylish 8-way backlit controller gives superfast time to target area by moving across all diagonals - and it is wireless - so minimal power cables are required for fast and simple installation.

Patented bayonet quick release base and locking feature on the light for fast mounting and disconnect.

Fast or slow option with 360 deg rotation. Any beam angle from spot to flood.


  • Night piercing light from the 200,000 candlepower dual halogen beams
  • Range where a reasonable level of detail can be distinguished - 375 metres
  • Wireless controller minimises electric cable runs and saves installation time
  • Stylish and practical design is ideal for medium to large sized boats
  • Non-corrosive, long life, white coated aluminium housing
  • Full 360 degree sweep rotation - 27 degree vertical sweep
  • Superfast multi-directional 8-way wireless controller with automatic 20 degree continuous sweep feature, fast or slow rotation and spot / flood
  • Stylish grey/black controller is backlit with red LED's for night illumination
  • Spot to flood focus feature allows the user to choose any beam configuration desired between spot and flood
  • Up to 4 wireless controllers can be fitted eliminating flybridge cable runs
  • Patented bayonet quick release base and locking feature

J60-115 Jabsco 60233-0012: 12 volt 10 amp 233SL searchlight 

J60-116 Jabsco 60233-0024: 24 volt 5 amp 233SL searchlight